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2018 The Year of Saying Goodbye to the Old Paradigms

Soon we will be ushering in a new year but before we do that we must honor and release what no longer serves us. We want to enter 2019 fresh and ready for new beginnings.

And that’s what 2018 has been all about. I haven’t posted a blog in four months because I have been processing all that has gone on during this past year as well as past years, and with so many planets in retrograde the last half of 2018, it was the perfect time to do so.

This year for me has been a year of great transition. In fact, the past few years have been transitional, and with major change comes major stress.

If you look at the top 100 stressful life changes, you will be able to determine how much stress is in your life. Over the last few years, I’ve undergone many on the list, and my score is 553, which indicates I was due for some type of illness or breakdown.

However, I am not the type to breakdown. I externalize my stress. I get angry. Angry at the world. Angry at myself for not knowing better, for not do…

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